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The National Weed Legalization Fund was established by an Army veteran as a non-profit Arizona Corporation dedicated to spreading  the message of the countless health benefits of medical-marijuana, especially for PTSD afflicted veterans and cancer and MS patients.  The ultimate goal is to see marijuana, the “Wonder Weed”, regulated and taxed nationally, regulated by the states individually,and  treated fairly and equally along with alcohol and tobacco.



What we find most distressing are little subtleties buried in articles that we see every day on the internet.  These statements are heard so often they have become  “givens”, never challenged or researched as being factual.  Here is one example from a Motley Fool (Their Motto: “To Educate, Amuse, Enrich”)  article on 6/22/15.  We were not amused (nor surprised) to read that:

“For starters, researchers have decades' worth of studies focused on the dangers of marijuana to sift through with a corresponding snippet of data concerning the benefits of marijuana use.”(All emphases ours.)

FACT:There exists NO “decades worth of studies” on actual human use of cannabis, not even “snippets”, relating to the alleged dangers.  This is an absolute mis-statement based on “common knowledge” and clearly without the author searching for validity. The “big-lie” is perpetuated by Big Pharma which is terrified of a simple herb that could replace untold billions of dollars in profits from  their prescription pain-killers  (think Oxycontin for starters) and non-prescription (think aspirin for starters) which are  known toxic or addicting poisons. They will spend as much money and peddle as much influence as necessary to lobby against legalization of weed.  How many politicians do these guys “own” through contributions?  And sadly to date they are winning the propaganda war.  The myth of the “given” dangers of marijuana is endlessly perpetuated by the media, even if done so simply in utter ignorance and not in malice.

FACTSNIPPET???  There are 4,000+ years worth of data on the many benefits of the Wonder Weed marijuana to “sift through”.  Literally countless  volumes of testimony exists from users who derive real-life benefits from ingesting cannabis to successfully treat a wide variety of ailments.  To refer to this irrefutable huge body of evidence as a “snippet of data” is simply ludicrous and grossly misleading.

NOTE:  You may use any of these articles in any way you wish providing the article is not edited in any way AND the link to this website is kept as is:



Marijuana has ruined the lives of more disadvantaged inner-city youths than any other substance.  This is NOT because of their use or addiction to weed.  It is because of needless arrests for possession and/or sale of trivial amounts of cannabis.  This not only clogs up the court calendars, but costs taxpayers untold millions of dollars in prison costs.  Decriminalization would put this travesty behind us.


Medical marijuana has been around for thousands of years!  Around 2,700 B.C. there was a Chinese Emperor named Shen-Nung.  He was a benevolent emperor, and cared about the health of his subjects.  Through years of experimentation he developed plant-based cures that he compiled into an encyclopedia called the Pen Ts’ao.  Among his discoveries was “ma”, which today we know as cannabis!