At this time we have three members of our Board of Directors. All are all very experienced businesspersons who have spent decades analyzing diverse markets and spending corporate dollars where the sharpest focus can be applied to achieve some defined end result.

hal James Anderson, 78, is an NYU-Poly graduate chemical engineer with an MBA from CCNY-Baruch.  He has been a multiple sclerosis patient since 1970, and uses medical cannabis to control his symptoms and allow him to lead a normal life.  His background is in Corporate Finance.  He has held licenses as a Securities Principal, Municipal Securities Principal, Loan Officer, Insurance Broker and Mortgage Broker.  Once the COO of The National Private Court System, he currently owns a boutique real estate brokerage firm in southern Arizona.  A U. S. Army Veteran, he is a proud member of The American Legion, and has been a MENSA member for fifty years (one of the first in America).  James is our Founder , Manager, and oft-published author, including the definitive books on internet commerce.

hal Melanie Seals, 59, is a Vanderbilt University graduate initially certified and previously employed to teach Special Education teenagers in a state “last chance” institution, and to teach the blind.  She has held licenses as a Securities Broker, Insurance Broker, Loan Officer and Real Estate Broker, and has served in a senior  administrative capacity for a number of public companies.  Her passion is working with the elderly, and spreading the good news about the many benefits they may find through the use of medical cannabis.Not herself a cannabis user, she is the non-prof’s Administrator and Treasurer.

hal Harold F. Meltzer, 74, a U. of Rochester grad (degree in English) is certified by the Third Circuit Court as an expert witness in the field of evaluating businesses.He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the states of Hawaii  (for 35 years, BBB A+), Colorado, Massachusetts, Idaho, and New Mexico  and was a Mortgage Broker in Hawaii.  He served as an Army medic. A three-time Rotary President, he was recently  voted  “Person Of  The Year” in Hawaii for his dedication to furthering the cause of women in business. He is a Senior Consultant  on matters of medical cannabis which he has personally used successfully for years.

NOTE: We are members of:
The Green Valley/Sahuarita(AZ) Chamber of Commerce
Americans For Safe Access
Coalition For Cannabis Policy Reform